a series about a love that dies but doesn't go away

Laura Grey and Lauren Ludwig are two brunettes with short hair who met in college and made a bunch of trippy collaborative theater in Chicago with Brennan Buhl (also brunette) before they dispersed to opposite ends of the country to pursue various nefarious activities, like performing improv in New York basements and battling hobo spiders in Montana. They reunited to create Ex-Girlfiend which they consider to be the “Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors” of comedic supernatural web series. 

Lauren Ludwig (director): is a director and writer working in Los Angeles. She’s a founding member of the comedy group Lost Moon Radio and the filmmaking ensemble Darty Hall. She is a graduate of the AFI Directing Workshop for Women. You can see more of her work at laurenludwig.com. 

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Laura Grey (writer/performer): is a writer and comedian working at the UCB Theatre in New York. She’s created series like Faeries for IFC’s Comedy Crib, Engaged for UCB, and The Brothel for the New York Television Fest. Laura is an alum of the Second City Chicago where she wrote two original revues and improvised nightly for “her people” a.k.a. boozy midwesterners. Also Brennan is her for real ex-boyfriend. You can check out her most recent work and live performances if you draw a sacred circle, light a candle, and click the link to her website

Brennan Buhl (ingenue): grew up in Montana and moved to Chicago where he acted in lots of plays and commercials and films and stuff. Now he lives in Missoula Montana, which is sort of like Austin but teeny’d down and colder. He is back in school. It’s at a University. He thinks a lot about going on hikes, like, a lot. P.S. that “battling hobo spiders” thing is no joke. Look it up, son, it’s terrible (also do not look it up. it’s terrible.) The part of Rumours that Brennan is is that “Baow baow bow bow, ba-ba-baow, Baow baow bow bow, ba-ba-baow…” That part.